Sustainability and Climate Risk (SCR®) Certificate

impact in climate risk starts here.

registration for the April 2024 SCR Exam is now open.

What Is the SCR Certificate?

The SCR Certificate is your entry into a fast-growing community driving the future of climate risk management. From entry-level to executive, across industries such as banking, fintech, hospitality, fashion, and more, SCR Certificate holders are leading their companies with solutions to today’s top issues in climate change and sustainability.   

Professionals who complete their SCR Certificate will: 

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  • Develop strategies for improving climate risk mitigation efforts
  • Learn how to tackle today’s physical and transition risks
  • Get a real-world look at climate change’s economic impact
  • Lead firms to invest sustainably and create meaningful change

2024 Candidate Guide

The SCR Candidate Guide provides an overview of the program and curriculum, information about the exam process, insight into how to leverage your SCR Certificate, and more.

Meet the Growing Demand

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